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A Little Bit Longer
A Little Bit Longer cover
Studio album by Jonas Brothers
Released 2008
Recorded Jonas Brothers
Genre Rock
Length 49:49
Label Jonas Records
Producer Jonas Brothers
Professional reviews

It Was Named After the 12th Song.

Jonas Brothers chronology
Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer Lines, Vines And Trying Times

A Little Bit Longer is an album by "Jonas Brothers".

Track listingEdit

  1. BB Good
  2. Burnin' Up
  3. Shelf
  4. One Man Show
  5. Lovebug
  6. Tonight
  7. Can't Have You
  8. Video Girl
  9. Pushing Me Away
  10. Sorry
  11. Got Me Going Crazy
  12. A Little Bit Longer

Bonus Tracks Edit

Target Edit

  1. Hello Goodbye

Wal-Mart Edit

  1. Live to Party

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