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Artist: The Who

Date Released: December 9, 1966

Label: Reaction / MCA

Produced By: Kit Lambert

Tracklisting: UK Version:

US Version (a/k/a Happy Jack)

1988 CD Issue:

1995 CD Issue:


The second album from The Who, and it's pretty good. Unfortunately, the sound quality on it isn't so great and it sounds a bit muddy in places, but when you've got songs like "Boris The Spider", who cares, right? Man, I love that song. Anyway, though, this one's a little bit frustrating, as it's been released in a bunch of different versions. One other thing about that—on the readily available CD version, it doesn't have the single, electric version of "Happy Jack" on it! Why would they do that? That's so silly and foolish! The only place to get this on CD now is on Meaty, Beaty, Big And Bouncy, which is only available on import CD. How silly! Anyway, though, this is considered one of the first great Who albums. I am pretty fond of it, too, but I love The Who Sell Out more. Anyway, check this one out. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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