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American Music:Violent Femmes

Artist: Violent Femmes

Album: Why Do Birds Sing?

Appears On (Mixes): De Revrum's Crash Course In De Muzikum Educatchum

Song Notes: It's funny, because I like the Violent Femmes quite a bit, but I rarely listen to the records anymore. I remember that this one was a pretty good record, even though I think it's one a lot of folks tend to slag off a bit. Ah well, though. I think everyone does pretty much like this song though. It is a great one. I don't know if I'd put this on another mix, though, as it is a bit common, and I tend to like to put more obscure stuff on, just to hopefully turn people on to new stuff. But whatever. I think when I was making this one, I was just making a tape of songs I liked, more or less, and this one totally fits that particular bill. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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