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Caroline Crawford (born c. 1949) is an American rhythm and blues and disco singer and actress, who recorded as Carolyn Crawford for Motown Records in the early 1960s, and for other labels later in her career.

[edit]==Discography== [edit]===Singles===

  • "Forget About Me" (1963)
  • "My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down)" (1964) R&B: #39
  • "When Someone's Good to You" (1964)
  • "I'll Come Running" (1964)
  • "My Heart"
  • "Devil In His Heart"
  • "Too Young, Too Long"
  • "Until You Came Along"
  • "Keep Stepping (And Don't Look Back)


  • "My Name Is Caroline (LP)" (1978) (Mercury) (as Caroline Crawford)
  • "Nice And Soulful (LP)" (1979) (Mercury) (as Caroline Crawford)
  • "Heartaches" (1990) (as Carolyn Crawford)

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