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The Comedian Harmonists was a well-known German singing group that was formed in the 1920s. The group performed between 1927 and 1934 and consisted of five male singers and a pianist.

The repertoire included popular American songs, traditional folk songs, and adaptations of classic works that were edited and Sung in the barbershopstijl .

The Comedian Harmonists were singing on a jazz-inspired manner, with use of falsetto, and often ironic way, which gave an exaggerated comic effect to the music.

In 1933, their music as 'degenerate' and Jewish art seen and therefore prohibited. The group fell apart and three Jewish members fled from Germany. The remaining members were supplemented with three non-Jewish colleagues and acted during the war still on under the name Meistersinger. Came back to life In the 70 's the music and the many historical recordings of the group.



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