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Dave Sharp (bass guitarist)

Dave Sharp was the touring bass guitarist for the rock band Melvins[1] during their 1993 tour. He currently plays in several bands including Jungle with Muruga Booker and Steven Springer, Spheres of Influence, and his own band the Dave Sharp Secret Seven.

Native Detroiter Sharp became devoted to Jazz at the University of Michigan and later studied with bassist Herbie Lewis in San Francisco, and bassist, composer and bandleader Marion Hayden in Michigan.

Sharp currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he composes, records, teaches and performs.

Discography Edit

  • 2010 - Dave Sharp's Secret Seven
  • 2011 - JUNGLE (self-titled) (with Muruga Booker and Steven Springer)

2013-Dave Sharp's Secret 7 WORLDS featuring Cheikh Lo, Parthiv Gohil, Walter White and many guest artists


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