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Different Times: Lou Reed In The '70s:Lou Reed

A chronological set from Lou Reed's first stint at RCA Records (1972-1975), Different Times is another re-packaging of his most famous work. The album collage and design were created by photographer/fine artist Daniel Arsenault.

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "I Can't Stand It"
  2. "Love Makes You Feel"
  3. "Lisa Says"
  4. "Walk on the Wild Side"
  5. "Perfect Day"
  6. "Satellite of Love"
  7. "Vicious"
  8. "Berlin"
  9. "Caroline Says I"
  10. "Sad Song"
  11. "Caroline Says II"
  12. "Sweet Jane"
  13. "Kill Your Sons"
  14. "Sally Can't Dance"
  15. "A Gift"
  16. "She's My Best Friend"
  17. "Coney Island Baby"

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