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Dog Eat Dog:"Weird Al" Yankovic

Artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic

Album: Polka Party!

Appears On (Mixes): Robert DeNiro's Mole: The Best Of "Weird Al" Yankovic

Song Notes: It's strange, because this is the only cut I put on from Polka Party!, and that's an album I actually like rather well, despite it being the worst-seller/least-popular. (For me, the worst is Alapalooza, but even that's got some really great stuff on it. Anyway, this is a Talking Heads style parody, and I love it because it borrows and builds a song around the cool riff in the end of "And She Was", which is just one of those things that makes that song so incredibly good. That's how cool Talking Heads were—an idea they had in, say, the last 20 seconds of a song could be used to spin a whole 3 minute song out of that's just outstanding. Man. That goes for both Talking Heads and "Weird Al" Yankovic. They're all one big genius party. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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