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A fan is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a band or a singer,Collectively, the fans of a particular object or person constitute its fanbase or fandom. They may show their enthusiasm in a variety of ways, such as by promoting the object of their interest, being members of a fan club, holding or participating in fan conventions, or writing fan mail.

Some of the biggest fanbases are:

Lady Gaga - Little Monsters

Taylor Swift - Swifties

Katy Perry - KatyCats

Avril Lavigne - Little Black Stars

Ke$ha - Animals

Justin Bieber - Beliebers

One Direction - Directioners

Rihanna - Rihanna Navy

Britney Spears - Britney Army

Christina Aguilera - Fighters

Shakira - Shakifans

Beyoncé - BeeHive

Jennifer Lopez - JLovers

Miley Cyrus - Smilers

Ariana Grande - Arianators

Iggy Azalea - Azaleans

Selena Gomez - Selenators

Demi Lovato - Lovatics

Nicki Minaj - Barbz

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