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Father Figure is a rock band based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


After the demise of Take The Capital, Dave Gauthier, Sean Sheridan and Andrew Shaw decided to continue making music together; however the main songwriting influence moved from Sheridan/Gauthier to Shaw. This resulted in a more raw sound, thus forming the band that would become known as Father Figure.

After months of searching, the band brought on Matt Kozma to play bass and began demoing songs and playing shows. In April 2013, Sean left the band.

Father Figure is currently preparing to record their debut release at Catherine North Studios.


Current MembersEdit

  • Andrew Shaw - Vocals, Guitar (2012-present)
  • David Gauthier - Drums (2012-present)
  • Matt Kozma - Bass (2013-present)

Past MembersEdit

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