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Gut is a German grindcore band, often credited as fathers of pornogrind, and known for their over-the-top vocals and morbid, pornographic imagery. Natalie Purcell, in her book Death Metal Music: The Passion and Politics of a Subculture, suggests that pornogrind is defined solely on the basis of its lyrical content and unique imagery, its focus on pornographic content.[2] Purcell does note, however, that bands like Gut include "simpler, slower, and more rock-like songs".

On Gut's 2006 release, The Cumback 2006, the band began combining grindcore with elements of hip hop, hardcore punk, and electronic music.


  • Torturer of Lacerated and Satanic Tits (guitar/vocals)
  • Organic Masturbator of 1000 Splatter Whores (drums/vocals)
  • Spermsoaked Consumer of Pussy Barbecue (vocals/programming)



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