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Artist: Exampl

Album: Greatest Hits

Release Date: 7/1/07

Label: SB Records/NGRC Productions


  1. (Everything I Do Is 4 Tha) I.E.
  2. Beatz Bangin'
  3. Back Up N It Pt. 2 (feat. AJG)
  4. Money N My Pocket (feat. C-Money)
  5. Burn
  6. Tha West-Sound (feat. Tha Young'N & AJG)
  7. Been Around (feat. Raheem, AJG & Tha Young'N)
  8. Money N My Pocket RMX (feat. Raheem & AJG)
  9. Just Another Day
  10. News Remix (feat. Espanto)
  11. Citi Limitz
  12. In To The Night
  13. Say Goodbye
  14. Take Me Away (feat. Espanto)
  15. We Will Rock You
  16. Citi Limitz (Take Me Away Remix)
  17. Burn (Remix)
  18. Say Goodbye (Remix)

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