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Lawrence "Hank" Locklin ( McLellan , Florida , USA , February 15 1918 - Brewton , March 8 2009 ) was an American country singer .

He achieved his greatest successes in the 1960s. In the Netherlands, he won two hits: Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On (No. 4 in 1959) and Please help me I'm falling (ninth in 1960).

The first song was later owned by Hepie and Hepie as I lie on my pillow to dream still another hit. Also Jo Vally brought a Dutch version under the title Give me the key to your dreams . The second number is ever without hitsucces been covered by Van Kooten and De Bie (entitled Beyond ). The covers of Hepie and Hepie and Van Kooten and De Bie included in the Dutch Top 100 Cover (# 87 and 86, respectively).

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