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I Wish We All Could Win (album)

I Wish We All Could Win is the name of the debut album of the Contemporary Christian Music group, The Afters. After releasing their first album (When the World Is Wonderful (album)) under the name "Blisse", the band settled on the name "The Afters" for future projects. "I Wish We All Could Win" includes the hit song, and Dove Award nominated "Beautiful Love".

Tracks Edit

1. "Beautiful Love"– 3:58
2. "Until the World"– 4:18
3. "Someday"– 3:31
4. "Love Lead Me On"– 4:28
5. "All That I Am"– 4:24
6. "The Way You Are"– 3:43
7. "You"– 4:00
8. "Love Will Make You Beautiful"– 4:41
9. "Wait"– 3:13
10. "Thank God I'm Not the One"– 5:10
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