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Full Name: Jake Rawls

Born: August 28, 1986

Home: Houston, TX


  • Guitar
  • Bass



  • Blonde haired guys who go crazy on stage

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Musician BiographyEdit

Jake Rawls is the lead guitarist for pop-punk/rock band Kemo For Emo. He started playing guitar "around 13 or 14." Having not had a band for a few years, Jake searched MySpace classifieds and found Kemo For Emo, and asked to audition. Within an hour of auditioning he was already asked into the band.

Jake is a fan of Fender guitars, Marshall Amplifiers, and Seymour Duncan Pickups. His guitar idols include Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), Dustin and Teppei (Thrice), Angus Young (AC/DC), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)and Pete Townshend (The Who).

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