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John Ozbay is a pianist, keyboardist, guitarist and producer, active in the classical, soundtrack, electronica, ambient genres. based in New York.

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A designer, coder and musician by trade; manifesting his passion for minimalism, science and technology through music. Ozbay excels in designing unique musical instruments and compositions using technology, electronics, code and robots. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with Master's in Music and Technology (Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Music).


Heavily inspired and driven by minimal composition, carrying rare Scandinavian melodies, Ozbay's music takes the listener through a mantric, atmospheric journey. His music explores the boundaries of a classical genre at the intersection of art, science and technology. Minimalist piano melodies combined with glitches, digital artifacts, strings, orchestral percussions, and atmospheric sustaining harmonics; John Ozbay's futuristic music can be categorized as an imaginary film score.

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