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La Düsseldorf is a German rock band, which in 1975 from the group formed Neu! . Members of the band were beside the former Kraftwerk drummer Klaus Dinger 's (vocals, guitar and keys) the musicians Thomas Dinger (vocals and percussion) and Hans Lampe (percussion and electronics). The characteristic to the sound of the band his long instrumental parties, which are interspersed here and there with sound collages and Sung text in German, English or sometimes in French.

The following discography included plates of La Düsseldorf were after years of legal wrangling between the band members, on the one hand, and the record companies on the other hand, re-released in september 2005.


  • 1976 - La Düsseldorf
  • 1978 - Viva
  • 1980 - Individuellos

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