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Lyrics:Intro (Opening Speech)

by XTC

Hello, my name is John Peel, on tonight's programme, I'll be playing playing tracks
by The Slute, The Slot, The Groan, Exploding Truss, The Blues Bastards, one from
The Geckos, uh... Hubert and his Pile-Tones, The Ear, The Nose, The Throat, uh...
the Cassowaries From Hell are here; uh, and Inevitable Groin. Uh, a couple of tracks 
by up-&-coming beatnik groups tonight...Frank and the Sandalmen, uh, and the Goatees. 
The Goatees, incidentally, will have you trading in your parkas and arrow t-shirts
for berets and Sloppy Joes within the twelvemonth, I'm can assure you. So, on to 
tonight's first guests, and they're XTC, uh, who are by the way here to answer all 
allegations that they're 1979's answer to The Barron Knights. Well, see what you 

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