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Nappy Roots is a Kentucky-based quitet alternative southern rap group. The band originated for Bowling Green, Kentucky. The band originaly started out with six members, until R. Prophet left the group. The current members are Skinny DeVille, Fish Scales, Ron Clutch, Big V, and B. Stille.

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Nappy Roots' first independent album was Country Fried Cess which was released in 1999. The album led to the group being signed by Atlantic Records. The bands' first album with Atlantic Records was Watermelon, Chicken, & Gritz, released in 2002. The album contains three singles including: "Headz Up", "Awnaw", and "Po' Folks". The second album with Atlantic Records was Wooden Leather, released in 2003. The album contains two singles including "Roun' the Globe" and "Sick & Tired". In 2007, they released their first album as independent artists, Innerstate Music. In 2008, the band released their third major album after Watermelon, Chicken, & Gritz and Wooden Leather, The Humdinger. The Humdinger contains two singles including "Good Day" (from Innerstate Music), and "Down & Out".

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