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Neeraj Shrivastava is an Indian film composer working in Bollywood. After working in Doordarshan regional shows and telefilms he debuted as a film composer in the 2011 Hindi film Impatient Vivek[1] with the song "Ek Pari Pagal Si".[2]


Shrivastava came to Mumbai in 2001. He worked in Doordarshan regional programs and some telefilms. He composed the 2007 World Cup Promotional song "Chal Chala Chal re Mitwa" with Indian Idol singers Rahul Saxena, Vishal Kothari, Aditi Paul and Meenal Jain.[Citation needed] He later worked in the 2011 Bollywood film Impatient Vivek,[3][4][5] where he composed three songs; a classical song "O ri boonda bari", a playful song "Khuraphat",[6] and a romantic song "Ek Pari Pagal Si".[7]


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