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Nice and slow (song by Jesse Green)

Nice and slow in a song written by Ken Gibson. It was published twice in 1976 . There are versions of Shawn Elliott (under his pseudonym Santiago) and Jesse Green.


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Nice and slow
Single from:


From the album:

''Mr. Love''

B-side (s) Nice and slow (Instrumental)
Released 1976
Type of carrier Vinyl single12-inch
Genre Soul
Duration 03: 29 (Single)

05: 35 (12-inch)

Tag Amherst Records
Writer (s) Ken Gibson
Producer (s) Elliot Rossoff
Order on ''Mr. Love' '

Nice and slow


Mr. Love

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A relatively long version was released on 12-inchsingle by the originating actor Shawn Elliott, previously known by the calypso number Shame and scandal (1964) he used for Nice and slow and his album Mr. Love the pseudonym Santiago (his real last name). It was not a success.

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