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Artist: AJG

Date Released: July 28th, 2006

Label: NGRC Productions Burch Entertainment

Produced By: AJG


This was AJG's 2nd promo cd single. It contained 4 tracks and was released a couple weeks after the release of Tha AJG Mixtape.


  1. No Luv -Album Version-
  2. What's Next -Album Version- (feat. 2pac, Ulgar, Martel & Prince Ital Joe)
  3. 9-2-3-7-6 -Album Version-
  4. AJG (The CLB Remix) -Dirty- (feat. CLB)

Previous CD SingleEdit

Hard-Core Rhymin'/Try 2 Diss Me

Next CD SingleEdit

Re-Up (CD Single)

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