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No Rain is the second single of the album Blind Melon of the eponymous band. The single was released on september 22, 1992 as a successor of their debut singleTones or Home.


In the music video, produced by Samuel Bayer, plays the actress Heather DeLoach as Bee Girl a central role. The clip is widely televised, including helps to markings on various charts. How to reach the Billboard Hot 100 in the u.s. the 20th place in the Dutch Top 40 , the 26th place in the Flemish Ultratop 50 and the 31st place.


The original single consists of the following numbers:

  1. "No Rain"-3: 37
  2. "No Rain (Live)"-4: 07
  3. "Drive (Live)"-4: 40
  4. "Soak The Sin (Live)"-5: 30

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