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Pea-Brain Prateek Diss Pt. II

Summer of 2005 an Arabian rapper from New Dheli, India tried his style out and was commented by AJG & the NGRC team. What was basically said was "you need practice" but was turned into what wasn't an insult. MC Ro eventually dissed the Non-Gank Reckin' Crew and AJG was the 1st to diss on an audio track. He followed up with a part 2 when MC Ro dissed out the rest of the NGRC crew. The beat for that was "Ambitionz Aza Ridah" by 2pac. The beef has since settled and AJG & Emily Mahoon (head of Muzikalizate Ent. & Reel Muzik Ind.) are looking to enlist MC Ro as a member of the team.

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