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People Like Us:Talking Heads

Artist: Talking Heads

Album: True Stories

Appears On (Mixes): Jeff Bridges... I Don't Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!

Song Notes: This is from David Byrne's movie True Stories, or rather the semi-soundtrack album. This version is sung by David Byrne, though in the movie, it was sung by John Goodman. I actually prefer the Goodman version, though it wasn't ever released outside of the film, so this one will have to do. It's one of those songs with the incredibly beautiful David Byrne lyrics, like "Dream Operator" (also from True Stories), "Heaven" (from Fear of Music) or "This Must Be The Place" (from Speaking in Tongues). This one tends to be forgotten, though, as it wasn't ever released as a single and True Stories tends to be a somewhat obscure film (it's available on DVD, but only in a bare-bones Pan & Scan version). - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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