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Pip Digs Pep:Negativland

Artist: Negativland

Album: Free

Appears On (Mixes): De Revrum's Crash Course In De Muzikum Educatchum

Song Notes: This is from Free, Negativland's first post-U2 release. It's a bit of an uneven album, but it's certainly got its moments, like this song, for example. It's got Mike Wallace in a sample telling kids to not be dunks (perhaps a corruption of "dunce"?) -- a dunk is typically one who indulges in horseplay, particularly around automobiles. There's a definite Automotive Safety element to Free, between this and the disturbing and powerful "We Are Driven" and the alternate cover image/promotional poster featuring the dead drunk guy, one's got to wonder if there was some aspect of a Negativland member's life reflected in that, or if it's just an outgrowth of automotive interest that ended up culminating in Deathsentences Of The Polished And Structurally Weak, the CD and book combo that's definitely worth checking out, speaking of powerful art pieces. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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