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Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Pretty fly (for a White Guy) is a hit of the album Americana by the American punk rock group The Offspring from 1998. It is the only number-1 hit of the band in Netherlands. The song was 14 weeks in the Dutch Top 40, including 3 weeks at the number-1 position.

In Pretty fly the story is told of a white wannabe "gangster" who are focused entirely on the hiphop has. This is not because he really likes it, but because it is modern and "in" and he thereby feels tough. In the song is clearly the youth of the upper class, which listens to rap music and the like due to this reason. The mocking nature of the song is quite right to emerge in the video clip, in which the main character as a very geeky character is put down.

The song begins with a sample from the song Rock of Ages by Def LeppardGunter glieben glauchen globen in which the words are pronounced. The non-existing, but German sounding words served as replacement for one, two, three, four, as countdown for a recording or performance.


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Dutch Top 40 number-one single

23 January February 13, 1999 - 1999'


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