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Rare Birds:The Mohawk Lodge

Artist: The Mohawk Lodge

Date Released:

Label: White Whales

Produced By:



Though I have never come across the style of “dirty folk," after reading the description in the press release, it seemed like a good description. The word "dirty" could have been easily replaced with “raw” or even more specifically, “DIY.” Rare Birds is the bastard child of Vancouver’s singer/songwriter Ryder Havadale. It was recorded independently on 8-track in a number of places varying from island wooden cabins to big city apartments. The influence of location is easily heard on the album, and it is flawlessly intertwined into a overreaching seamless mix. Havdale’s gin-soaked voice is the perfect complement to his strummed acoustic and the dry drum set. This is an album for those lonely, fog-ridden road trips that for some reason invoke heavy contemplation and sentimental emotions. Mpardaiolo

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