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Rock Bottom is the second solo album by the British progressive rock-musician Robert Wyatt. It was the first album that Wyatt made after the accident leaving him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life ended up.

Rock Bottom is, in that sense, particularly, that the album is the first obvious attempt to the worlds of jazz and rock together into something new with each other. Wyatts keyboard sounds, sound space continuously looking for to be able to process all the ideas in there, to all effects and words through. In the first "Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road" should Wyatt's voice recording against Feza's aggressive trumpet work. Result is a unique kind of free-style jazz song.


  1. Sea Song – 6: 31 (Robert Wyatt)
  2. A Last Straw – 5: 46 (Robert Wyatt)
  3. Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road – 7: 40 (Robert Wyatt)
  4. Alifib – 6: 55 (Robert Wyatt)
  5. Alife – 6: 31 (Robert Wyatt)
  6. Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road – 6: 08 (Robert Wyatt)


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