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"Secret Lovers", released in 1985, was the third single from As the Band Turns, the sixth album from R&B group, Atlantic Starr. It is sung as a duet between Atlantic Starr members Barbara Weathers and David Lewis, "Secret Lovers" is the story of a man and a woman who are having an affair with each other even though they are both married to other people. Although they know their actions are wrong and are forced to keep their relationship secret as a result (hence the title of a song), they love each other too much to let the affair end. They also justify the affair by trying to convince themselves that maybe their spouses have their own "secret lovers" as well.

In 1987, Irene Cara recorded and covered a song, a duet with Kenny Loggins, on her album Carasmatic. It reached the number #43 chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and peeked the number #23 chart on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop number one singles chart.

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