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Signal Processing Primitives

Signal Processing Primitives
N3krozoft Signal Processing
Live album by N3krozoft Ltd
Released May, 2005
Genre Electronica, Noise, Glitch
Label F0rkb0mb GmbH (f0rk-04)

7-bit recs (7.01)

N3krozoft Ltd chronology
Dunkelziffer Signal Processing Primitives Unequal Error Protection

Signal Processing Primitives is an album by N3krozoft Ltd.


  1. isogon
  2. live in belgrade - 11.04.2003
  3. 4k x 4k pixels
  4. live in geneva - 23.05.2003
  5. sine window
  6. live in moscow - 18.08.2003
  7. generic abstraction
  8. live in berlin - 01.01.2004
  9. hybrid fiber coax
  10. live in belgrade - 10.04.2004
  11. isogon (7-bit mix)


Glitch-core mavericks N3krozoft Ltd hit once again with their messy but disturbingly brilliant assemblage of digital artifacts. A contrasted overview of their output, from quiet ambiances ("sine window", "live in moscow"...) to frantic outbursts of sonic annihilation ("hybrid fiber coax", "isogon").

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