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Sleeper's Descent

Sleeper's Descent is an extended play (EP) by Ambient music artist The Silent Boy that was released through Bandcamp on May 4th, 2016. It is part one of the third installation in The Dreamland Chronicles. It is made of synthesizers and ambient sounds, with lyrics being one verse or so.

Track ListingEdit

(All songs, except for lyrics and composition, were produced, mixed, and recorded by Azrael Belford)

  1. Charon (04:36)
  2. Proteus (02:30)
  3. Umbriel (02:46)
  4. Ymir (03:54)
  5. Europa (02:40)
  6. Deimos (02:47)
  7. Luna (05:25)

(Total Time - 24:38)

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