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Stranger Danger/Golden Elephants

"Stranger Danger"/"Golden Elephants"
7" single by Finly Fish and the Bark Brothers
Released TBD
Recorded November 2009
Genre Jazz pop, Acid rock
Label Perilous Record Company
Producer Gary B. Fish
Finly Fish and the Bark Brothers chronology
"Stranger Danger"/"Golden Elephants" TBD

"Stranger Danger"/"Golden Elephants" is a 7" single by "Finly Fish and the Bark Brothers".

Track listingEdit

  1. "Stranger Danger"
  2. "Golden Elephants"


"Stranger Danger" was the group's first song, written by Xtra Marty as part of his original theatrical act. "Golden Elephants" was written by Super Russell and Champ Dawg, resulting from a "very weird daydream" of Russell's.


  • Finly Fish -- backup vocals (on both)
  • Xtra Marty -- lead vocals (on "Stranger Danger"), synthesizer (on both)
  • Super Russell -- lead vocals (on "Golden Elephants"), backup vocals (on "Stranger Danger"), synthesizer, guitar (on both)
  • Eamon Buzzybee -- bass drum, shaker, xylophone (on both)
  • Champ Dawg -- backup vocals, mixing, live looping, drum set (on both), sitar (on "Golden Elephants")

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