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Artist: Black Ice

Due Date: TBA

Label: D.I.B. Records


Black Ice's upcoming album, Tha Story.

Confirmed TracksEdit

  1. Make 'Em Lean (IndepenDANCE)
  2. Tippy Toe
  3. All I Have (feat. UPS)
  4. Ice
  5. You Don't Want It Wit Us (feat. Crimson)
  6. Grind On Me (feat. Crimson & Lady G)
  7. See Me Sittin' Low (feat. Illtactics)
  8. Whip Game Propper Remix (feat. Golden Kid)
  9. Does It Real Gewd
  10. Take The Pain Away
  11. My Rose
  12. Loved Me Once (feat. Caroline)
  13. Path 2 Nowhere
  14. SB Man
  15. Get Up
  16. Rock Den Roll (feat. Exampl)

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