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Artist: Density

Date Released: February 13, 2007

Label: NGRC Productions

Produced By: AJG


Cancelled project


  1. Intro
  2. Brought Into Life
  3. Continious Fall
  4. Legends Of The Millenium (ft. AJG & F-A-K-E)
  5. Dedicated
  6. Next Step
  7. Follow These Footsteps (ft. AJG & F-A-K-E)
  8. What's Left Of These Scars (ft. AJG)
  9. Strict Policy
  10. Defenses Up (ft. AJG)
  11. Guarded By Walls (ft. AJG)
  12. Understanding You
  13. Test Of Time
  14. A Keen Eye
  15. Brought To Each Other
  16. Outtro

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Tha Remix Mixtape

Next AlbumEdit

The Killa & The Devil

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