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Artist: Snakefinger

Album: Live At The Vic

Appears On (Mixes): Oh, Yes, He Really Has To Suffer: The Best Of Snakefinger

Song Notes: Another Snakefinger cover, this time of a Kraftwerk song, and one of his only covers to have vocals. This is a live version, which I chose because of the awesome slide guitar in it. Also, it's just a really good version of a really good song. In his (kinda unreadable, really) autobiography, Wolfgang Flür from Kraftwerk says it's his favorite of the varioius Kraftwerk covers. (He also slags off Rammstein's cover pretty hard, but I like that one. But, hey, since he likes Snakefinger's version, out of respect I won't mention about how in his book he talks about making a stain masturbating on his parents' couch the first time he heard "My Generation" by The Who.) - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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