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The Singles
The Singles
Compilation album by Lady Gaga
Released December 7, 2010
Recorded 2008-09
Genre pop
Length 73:55
Language English
Label Streamline, Interscope, Kon Live, Cherrytree Records
The Singles is a limited edition compilation box set of 9 CDs by Lady Gaga containing all of her physically released singles from "Just Dance" to "Alejandro" it also includes The Cherrytree Sessions with "Christmas Tree" as a bonus and fourth track. The set was released exclusively in Japan on December 7, 2010, and had a 5000 copy release limit. Every CD in the box is housed in a slimline jewel case with accompanying English and Japanese lyric booklets. The CDs in the box do not have barcodes, as it is printed on the outside of the box instead.

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