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Therapy/Growth:Thomas Dolby

Artist: Thomas Dolby

Album: Europa & The Pirate Twins b/w Therapy/Growth single

Appears On (Mixes): Mp3s Posted At Phancy.Com

Song Notes: Last night, I saw Thomas Dolby live, and, well, basically if he's coming to your town (check! now! Tourdates! Here! Go! Now!) you MUST go. Just an absolutely amazing show. So, since I figured that I want to like, marry Thomas Dolby now, I'd post a couple of his cuts, one rare one he didn't do last night, and one not-so-rare one he DID do last night. This is taken from the b-side of one of the early "Europa & The Pirate Twins" singles, and never actually showed up on a record or anything ever. Not even a best-of or any of that. Weird, because it's pretty cool, actually. Perhaps it's the odd punctuation of the title that doomed it. Either way, though, it's great and you should check it out. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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