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File:Turnoffthelight9 200.jpg
File:"Turn Off The Light" - Nelly Furtado
File:"Turn Off the Light" (Underground version) - Nelly Furtado

Turn off the Light has two music videos, the Under Ground version, and the Normal version. The music video for the normal version begins in a swamp where Furtado is sitting on the edge on a log and people are swimming in the swamp. She begins to sing the first verse and when the chorus comes the people in the swamp pull her in and they start dancing in the swamp. The second verse starts and Furtado is at a temple singing while these dancers jump out and dance with Furtado. At the second part of the chorus she's surrounded by a group at the temple and the dance around her while she sings. At the bridge, she is at an old house singing and she is sitting on a chair. The video ends with Furtado back at the temple, it concludes with Furtado eating noodles at the temple.

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