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Whenever Wherever / Suerte

File:Wheneverwherever9 200.jpg
File:"Whenever, Wherever" - Shakira

Whenever Wherever / Suerte features Shakira surrounded by the earth's natural wonders. It begins with Shakira submerged in the ocean, before leaping out onto the surrounding rocks and observing a landscape of mountains. She then proceeds to walk into the desert, where she is soon seen dancing amid a stampede of horses. The stampede suddenly ceases, and Shakira kneels into a shallow pool of mud, and begins crawling through it. As the video nears its end, she is on top of a snowy mountain, and jumps off, descending into water and submerging herself, as though to bring the video full circle.

The video won the 2002 Latin Grammy Award for "Best Short Form Music Video".

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