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Who the Hell is joe DOE?!

Who the Hell is joe DOE?!
EP by joe DOE
Released November 13, 2009
Genre sykophunk, mixtape
Label Sykophunk Productions

Who the Hell is joe DOE?! is a mixtape EP by joe DOE, marking the beginning of usage of this alias instead of his former artist name, D-O-E. The entire EP was released on for free download, where it remained available until June 2010.

Track listingEdit

  1. Get It Right
  2. The Hammer Drops
  3. Sick Shit
  4. Secret Agent (of Phunk)
  5. The New Breed
  6. Fuck the Industry
  7. Get Embarrassed
  8. Suicide or Homicide
  9. Flaws/Fuck It


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