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Xero Sampler Tape
Xero Sampler Tape - Front
The second and more popular cover.
EP by Xero
Released Janurary 1st,1997
Recorded 1996(?)
Genre Alternative Metal,Nu Metal,Rap Metal
Language English
Label N/A
Producer Mike Shinoda
Xero chronology
N/A Xero Hybrid Theroy EP (By Hybrid Theroy)
Xero is a 1997 sampler tape that is known to be extreamly rare and would go up to thousands of dollars on online auction sites.Most songs from the tape were never re-realesed ecept for "Rhinestone",which became the track "Forgotton" from Linkin Park's debut album, Hybrid Theroy


There is known to be two covers to the tape.The first is a black and white photo of a shopping cart,the second being a painting of a eyeless baby.


Date Released: 1997

Label: None.

Produced By: Mike Shinoda / Mark Wakefield


  1. Rhinestone
  2. Reading My Eyes
  3. Fuse
  4. Stick N' Move


1 out of 5 at sputnik music

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