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You Hold the World Like a Gun:Thieves

Artist: Thieves

Date Released:

Label: Lowatt

Produced By:



Apparently this 20 min, 5-song album is some sort of conceptual mini-epic about a fallen republic and the uprising of the citizen’s intellect. I could dive much father into the heartening story, but since You Hold the World Like a Gun is a instrumental trip-hop album, it seems pointless. Thieves, aka Houston, TX’s Greg Reynaud (Lovetron, The Town Drunks), creates five like-minded songs that contain an extremely dense combination of trip-hop, IDM and free jazz. Other influences include avant-garde, dub, noise, downtempo and psychedelia, but the core of his sound oscillates around the raw drum beats and effects pedals. Reynaud is a producer first, and that is reflected on this album, but I was astounded by the catchiness of every track. Its not easy taking so many looped sounds and letting them twist and intertwine without losing control. Mpardaiolo

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